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Matters needing attention in power supply operation of Kehua UPS

① In order to ensure the safe and reliable startup and operation of Kehua UPS power supply, various products have their own "specific" set of operating procedures. The so-called "specific" means that the design ideas of Kehua UPS power supply of various brands are different, and each has its own consideration in operation, which is written into the random "operation manual". If you operate according to the "manual" procedures, you can fully ensure safety, otherwise there may or will be problems. However, some operators think that the power supply is very simple and operate arbitrarily according to their own understanding without reading the manual, resulting in losses.

② Unconscious operation. For example, during maintenance, when disassembling a device with strong connection, it accidentally bumped the adjacent fragile device without being found, resulting in secondary failure when powered on after repair.

③ In case of live inspection fault, the probe of the measuring probe mistakenly touches and shortens the circuit or device at two points, resulting in repeated fault.

④ When connecting the external battery, the polarity is wrongly connected and the inverter is burned; Some battery link ends are tightened or forget to close the battery switch after saving the battery. When the mains power is in a field, the UPS power supply stops because the battery cannot be discharged.

⑤ The input / output line is not firmly linked, which will cause the false fault of AC power failure; The power supply bureau carries out line maintenance or changes the original phase sequence at that time, resulting in UPS failure to start or switch;  The UPS power supply forgot to start the inverter after it was powered on, and the bypass power supply has always been used. When the municipal power supply fails, Kehua UPS power supply also stops supplying power.

⑥ The personnel on duty placed food indiscriminately in the machine room or the duty room near the machine room, found mice to bite the cable or drill into the machine, resulting in failure.

⑦ Unreasonable wiring. For example, the unshielded remote signal line and the AC power line are parallel and close to the wiring. The control signal of this part is disordered, resulting in failure.


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