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Repair my armour soldier and walk with my son", which is incisively and vividly reflected in the 16 year development process of Kehua channel agents.
The company is an engineering company specializing in UPS power supply technology. It has a professional team engaged in UPS marketing and technology. Based on "honest operation and high-quality service", the company provides customers with all-round services such as technical consultation, technical lectures and maintenance, site design and on-site installation. Since its establishment in 2002 and joining hands with Shante brand, it has developed from the initial market rookie to the exclusive general agent of Shante brand in the three northeastern provinces and the largest agent in North China. Easyt's business accounts for 90% of the company's total business, covering industries such as government, finance, education, transportation, electric power, energy, manufacturing and military, and has completed industry orders one after another, For example, Hebei electric power, State Grid, China Mobile and China Unicom, the current project cooperation between the company and Daqing Oilfield is the focus of the company.
When it comes to why we chose easyt, The general manager of the company said:  "First of all, the brand and products of yishite are very good, and the market evaluation is also very high; secondly, the service system of yishite company is also very perfect, both in the after-sales service of products and the channel maintenance of our agents; in addition, Kehua products can well drive the sales of third-party products, which has a lot of interest space, which is also the choice of our team After choosing various brands in the market, the fundamental reason for choosing Kehua finally.

For Kehua's brand protection strategy, The general manager of the company said with emotion: "We especially support Kehua's anti-counterfeiting action. For our agents, if we want to make the company bigger and stronger, the products are the core, and the fake Kehua products on the market seriously hinder our development. Kehua company will invest a lot of money and manpower in anti-counterfeiting action every year, which is equivalent to reassuring our agents. We just need to take good care of it As a market leader, easyt will give us full support in terms of products and services. "
Kehua's brand influence has won a huge market in China. As an agent, the general manager of the company hopes that in the future, the company can continue in-depth cooperation with Kehua in terms of products, services, manpower, material resources and capital, and further develop UPS business in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Inner Mongolia on the basis of consolidating the existing markets in the three eastern provinces through continuous exploration and development, Provide professional power products and solutions for the development of China's network industry.

While actively exploring the market, following the development trend of the information industry and continuously enhancing the company's technical strength, the company is also further strengthening the company's internal management, improving the overall quality of employees, establishing a good image of the company and better serving users.
About Shante
Kehua UPS power supply Co., Ltd. has been rooted in China for more than 30 years. With strong technical R & D strength, reliable product quality and complete, fast and efficient after-sales service system, it has been unanimously affirmed by users in various industries in China. Its products have been widely used in government, finance, telecommunications, electric power, transportation, scientific research institutes, manufacturing industry, military and other industries, Provide safe and reliable power environment for tens of millions of users.


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